What is GMGB?


Where the NBA & WNBA Come Together

Founded in 2015 by James Scott, Global Mixed Gender Basketball League (GMGB) is the world’s first professional co-ed basketball league of its kind. Our mission is to transform the game of basketball with an innovative, co-ed gameplay structure. We recognize that raw talent and skill are not dictated by an individual’s gender and seek to bridge the gender gap in professional sports. 

GMGB team owners are nationally known celebrity entertainers and each game offers event attendees a star-studded environment, including special guest half-time performances. Where Basketball meets Entertainment, GMGB aims to provide excitement, fun, and camaraderie for the entire family.

Global Mixed Gender Basketball League, basketball with a twist!


– First Quarter (3) Females and (2) Males on each team.

– Second Quarter (3) Males and (2) Females on each team, then it alternates. This matchup allows both genders the same opportunities to play together.

All of our team owners are celebrities which will bring another dynamic to the audience draw.

Our goal is to bring communities together.


GMGB Brand Guide

League Logo, Colors & Fonts

Team Logos

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GMGB Press Kit

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League Rules

GMGB Official League Rulebook

Owner Handbook

GMGB Team Owner Handbook

GMGB 2021 Mock Season Draft

Prepared by LaQuan & Thomas


global mixed basketball foundation, Inc.

Global Mixed Basketball Foundation was established as a way to make a more meaningful impact and enhance local communities. The success of this depends on create strong partnerships with community organizations, which continue to positively impact lives around the world. 
  • Develop Package & Sponsor Proposal
  • Solicitation of grants and other contributions from both individuals and other non for profit charities.
  • Partnerships
  • Community Engagement Ideas
  • Program Ideas
  • Promotion & Marketing Plans
  • Press & Public Relations Ideas

gmgb inaugural season

As we build toward our inaugural season it is important that we prepare. Here are a few items we can build on to get us ready for the official GMGB season.
  • Season Structure
  • Player Recruiting, Training Camps, Try-Outs & Official GMGB Draft
  • League and Team Sponsors
  • Community Involvement
  • Promotional Campaign
  • Gameday
  • Press & Public Relations

Gmgb high school Program

In 2021 GMGB league will present to high schools in Essex and Hudson counties the coed basketball Tourament across the country. We will explain the way coed basketball is to be played. We will have our representatives come to you and set your school for play. You will have the opportunity to select 6 girls and 6 boys to compete on each team. The first quarter there are three girls and two boys the second quarter there’s three boys and two girls it alternates each quarter. Games will be aired on GMGB Network. 

  • Gameday Experience
  • Sponsors & Partners
  • Community Engagement Ideas
  • Program Ideas
  • Promotion & Marketing Plans
  • Press & Public Relations Ideas

gmgb network

ALL Global Mixed Gender Basketball events will be streaming LIVE on JAM Network TV.

  • Advertising & Commercials
  • Pre Game, Halftime, Post Game Shows
  • Press & Public Relations
  • Other GMGB Network Shows, Series & Content Ideas
  • Promotion & Marketing

Ongoing Projects

 As we build toward our inaugural season it is important that we prepare. Here are a few things that we can always be working toward.

Ways we can build on the gameday experience

Ways GMGB can be connected to the local communities. 

Ways we can find new players, get players excited about the league and build on player development.

Collaborative and valuable opportunities with other organizations, businesses, public figures or corporations. 

Ways the league can generate revenue during the season, in the off-season and during the games.

Ways we can bring visibility to the league

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