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What is JAM Network?

At JAM Network TV, we endeavor to produce educational, inspiring, and empowering content, and to share the rich history of talented black actors and actresses who have paved the way for many of the shining stars we see today. We are committed to providing a platform to showcase the work of emerging talented minority content creators. In addition to the latest content, JAM Network TV will make content available from the early years of Black cinema.

For centuries, the contributions of Black culture to society have been overlooked. As a bold new chapter in United States history is being written, with a renewed sense of racial pride and a call for justice, the world can no longer hide under the cloak of passivity. JAM Network TV pledges to keep our viewers aware of how Black people were essential contributors to the founding and building of the United States. This network is committed to teaching the authentic history of Black people, and the strong legacy upon which we stand. 

James Scott, CEO



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