A CTG original docuseries

Featuring engaging behind the scenes and deep insight into life stories of our featured subjects. We peel back the layers of what made them who they are, what they do, and what they do it for!

Produced By: CTG
: Ashlee “Ash” Samuels

Uncovering your why, to find your way.

season 1: 10 episodes

highlighting Stories from women who discovered their passion and purpose
....and took action.

Celebrating excellence in sports, entertainment and culture.  Rare footage, intimate details, friend and family interviews, BIG moments, highs and lows, obstacles and the pursuit of excellence. 




Rare footage and intimate details provide a deeper look at the mavericks who shaped American culture; featuring interviews with friends and family who reveal the meteoric highs and the devastating costs of fame.

30 for 30 SYNOPSIS

A series of documentary films airing on ESPN, highlighting interesting people and events in sports history.  Individually, each of the films in this series is meant to tell an intimate, compelling story that stands on its own and brings to life the filmmaker’s vision.

Production Value Points

"IT" Factors

  • The depth of the story
  • Passion for the pursuit 
  • Doing “The Work”
  • Intriguing personality 
  • Untold Stories 


  • Voiceover
  • Archival footage 
  • Direct and Indirect interviews 
  • Exposition
  • Wallpaper technique 

Viewer experience

  • Connection to the story
  • Relatability 
  • Inspired, unlocked passion
  • Motivated to find purpose 
  • Craving more 
  • Entertained and impressed