Monthly Points

Point Value Overview

Projects are design only – you provide content, text and media needed to complete the request.

100 points

Single Social Media Graphic
Basic T-shirt design  
Basic photo edits (background..etc)

150 points

One Pager (Sales Sheet, Media Page)
Poster Designs
Banner Design
Mock-Ups / Concepts

300 points

EPK (2-3 Page)
Bi-Fold Brochure
Social Media Campaign (5 Graphics)

500 points

Trifold Brochure
Pitch Deck (up to 5 Pages)
Email template design (mailchimp)
Social Media Campaign (10 Graphics)

1000 points

Landing Page Website (1 Page)
Logo (Event, Campaign)
Logo Update
Presentation (up to 10 pages) 
Sponsorship Decks (up to 10 pages)
Storyboard (up to 10 pages)

1500 points

5 Page Website Design
Logo / Brand Design

  • Added Costs & Project Exceptions

    Expenses: Services do not include additional costs like stock photography purchases, subcontractor fees, web hosting purchases and printing. We will consult with you before beginning project work to identify any fees or costs that may be billed in addition to your creative retainer agreement.

    Exception: If you hire CRASH! Creative to create a new website, moving forward you can include those website edits as requests through your monthly design retainer plan.


Brand Kit

Your logos, typography, colors, packaging, messaging, and all supporting documents and templates specific to your brand.

Graphics and Digital Art

Archived designs of the digital graphics and artwork we completed for you.

Content Folder

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Payments & Billing

Billing history and Current Invoices can be found here.