Mighty Black

mighty Black.

Obsessed with finding a deceased rapper, an academic highflier must revisit his past to get to the truth. The journey of discovery leads him to uncover secrets of his past


Will, a 16-year-old prodigy has spent most of his life in a sheltered, suburban home. His mother, Maryrose, fought to keep him and his brothers far from the decay of the inner city, adamant they don’t become stereotypes. Having lost his father to the war and Maryrose losing her job, the family is forced to move into Maryrose’s childhood home with her mother, Delores.

Against his mother’s wishes, Will befriends the neighborhood drug dealer, Jason, who introduces him to Carlos, a famed rapper, from that neighborhood. Will feels a personal connection to Carlos’ music that quickly turns from intrigue to obsession. With his new environment shifting his focus from school to music, Will embarks on a journey to discover who he is without the demanding expectations of his mother .

Will’s belief that Carlos is still alive sends him on a journey that leads him to a truth he didn’t know he sought. Family secrets are revealed, leading to an unfathomable reality about Carlos and his relationship to Will.  


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